Pupils that display a real talent and show commitment are invited to join our theatrical agency HF Management.  HF is a sole agency who cover castings in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Whilst natural ability is an obvious requirement, talent is nothing without the work ethic and determination to progress. Children must display an ability to adapt to all Dance, Drama, Acting and Singing styles from Musical Theatre to Television to sustain a career in such a competitive industry.

A positive, strong personality and polite attitude with excellent behaviour are crucial. Our agent and our Steppin Out Principal will look for students who display all of these qualities.

There are often several reasons why your child may not been selected to audition or for a place. They could find themselves in an awkward casting bracket and this could be a reason why they have not been chosen. It could also be that someone already of a similar casting to your child exists on the agency’s books. Each child is considered on an individual basis and must be strong in at least two areas to be considered.

Entry into the agency is by invitation and audition only. Students who display obvious talent in Dance, Drama and or Singing with an exceptional work ethic and determination to succeed will be asked to audition.

We encourage our agency students to attend as many classes as possible. These should include Tap, Troupe, Drama, Acting, Singing and Dance classes as well as Private Singing lessons so that they are as well-rounded as possible and fully prepared for an audition of any type at any time.

Auditions are in January each year when the Agency, along with the Theatre School’s Principal will select candidates for that coming year.

The agency has the right to withdraw a student at any time without reason. This may or may not affect the child’s place within the school depending on circumstance.

Should the child leave Steppin Out Stars Of Tomorrow then this will jeopardise their place within the agency as we believe in keeping their skills up to date and fresh within a professional learning environment. Without the academies classes the agency is unable to guarantee that this is happening. So, if a child withdraws from Steppin Out theatre classes then their place within the agency will be offered to someone else immediately.