Annual Awards

Annual Awards

Each year we hold a glittering award ceremony on stage for all our Theatre School students and their families and friends.

Our Award Ceremony starts at 6.00pm on a Saturday usually in November. The lower school awards are first so they can get home to bed early if they so wish! (Although most of our steps 1 and 2 are usually the last one’s dancing!)

If you have been nominated for an award you will be contacted before the tickets go on sale by the school’s principal to make sure you and your child and family get first refusal on ticket sales.

The awards are presented usually by our school’s principal, a special guest and often one of our patrons.

Following on from the awards the children can then visit the Steppin Out tuck shop and then get their glow sticks ready for the Steppin Out disco that continues usually until 10.00pm that night. Parents can bring their own food and drink.

There is always a theme! Previous years have been “Blue Company Colours!", ”Disney”, “Book Characters” and “Back 2 Skool” and each and every one of the families and children dress up. Yes, Dads it includes you!

Like all Steppin Out events this gets bigger and better each year with over 300 seats sold at the 2019 awards night!

We invite a professional photographer, local press and each of our patrons gives a speech along with their award!

In 2019 we had over 40 awards to give out from progress and personality to achievement and students student!

The award ceremony is to celebrate the achievements of our students but also to recognise how far some of them have come in their Steppin Out drama, dance and singing journey!