Summer Professional Program

Step 4
Step 4

Classes for 12-18 Yrs

Our Step 4 class is the final step with us. Alongside the weekly lessons we offer specialist workshops on Audition coaching for Drama School and workshops geared towards a career in the industry. They attend weekly classes in Dance, Drama and Singing in equal amounts, each class being one hour in length. They will enjoy both Street Dance and Pop styles as well as Musical Theatre.They will also be offered the chance to perform every 2 years at our Theatre show usually held at South Hill Park Theatre in the Summer. Step 4 are usually our soloists! When it is the alternative year at South Hill Park Theatre then two smaller performances at Christmas and Easter take place.

Many go onto a career in the Performing Arts.  New friendships are formed and for many the classes are a welcome escape from the pressures of teenage life and GCSEs/ A-levels.

Times: 4.30PM-7.25PM Fridays Woodley

Times: 10.05AM-1.00PM Saturdays Wokingham  

Times: 1.30PM-4.25PM Saturdays Wokingham

Step 4 Price: £293 a term of 12 weeks (3 terms a year)
Payment options available after your first term.

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