Singing returns to Steppin Out

Oct 7, 2020

Singing returns to Steppin Out

As many of you may be aware the guidelines around Group singing since Covid 19 has been sketchy to say the least!

The strange divide the goverment have made from "amateur singer" and " professional" has raised even more questions. A professional singer would know how to " breathe" correctly, where as an amateur not so much. A child, amateur singer would therfeore create less droplets due to them not producing their sound from the diaphragm yet were not allowed to take part in a group environment until the latter part of August.

Various Singing professors and Principals have proved quite openly that Singing is really not too different to " speaking loudly" and does not cause any more droplets than just that!

Despite the goverment having strict rules on singing to help prevent Covid its made it all very difficult to open a business that relies so heavily on the vocal aspect of Performing Arts.

Personally I have missed hearing my little people singing thier hearts out at my school and as Steppin Out as become so well know for its fabulous singing its been a very hard time for myself, my teachers and especially the future stars of tomorrow!

To ensure we were following advice from the goverment we chose to return to Private lessons in person from September 2020 and we went back last weekend to Group sessions. It was AMAZING!

The children beamed through their newly santised,social distanced, classes and there was the wonderful buzz again that all of us have so misssed!

Shelley Otway

Principal and Founder

Steppuin Out Stars of Tomorrow