Vicki is BACK!

Oct 23, 2020

Vicki is BACK!

It has been an amazing few weeks of term having our patron and ex teacher of 5years back teaching at the school.

West end actress, dancer and singer Vicki Manser is no stranger to Steppin Out!

" I am a bit like a boomerang" she joked. " I always find my way back to Steppin Out!"

Vicki has been covering a variety of classes at Steppin Out due to Kims absence. Kim is now back after having to self isolate ( luckily without any symtoms) for 2 weeks.

The children enjoyed a variety of Musical Theatre and Commercial routines including ones from the musical " Six".

Vicki appeared in this musical for a year in Londons West end and is one of the few actresses to have played all six characters.

Many of us were lucky enough to see her in action and she was BRILLIANT!

Until the next time Vicki! ....................Thank you for a fab few weeks!