Summer Professional Program



Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It provides students with a strong sense of discipline, posture, stamina and technique.

Whether our students wish to pursue a career as a Dancer, an Actress or even a Singer; Ballet is a crucial skill to learn in Performing Arts.

Many Musicals these days require ballet technique. We believe introducing these BRAND NEW classes in September 2023, will ensure our students are fully equipped should they wish to pursue a career in the Arts.

Some students just want to take ballet classes for fun. We have a non-pressured environment without the stress of exams and festivals.

We also have a fresh, young Teacher who is incredibly passionate about bringing a new "vibe" to ballet rather than the old fashioned genre it is often deemed as.


Thursdays in Woodley


SENIORS: 7.40PM-8.30PM: £114 for a term of 12 weeks ( 3 terms a year) * New class for ages 12 plus. No experience required.

Saturday Mornings in Wokingham  

BEGINNERS: 10.30AM-11.00AM: £105 for a term of 12 weeks (3 terms a year) * New class for ages 3.5-6years Starting January 2024


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