Summer Professional Program

Musical Theatre Classes - 12-18 Yrs
Musical Theatre Classes - 12-18 Yrs

Step 4 - Dance, Drama and Singing?

Are you wanting a creative outlook to get your'e child off their phone and meet new friends, so they can socialise, build genuine friendships and nurture their mental health, even though they may have never performed before? OR is your child performing somehere else and not getting the performing opportunities they deserve?

Our Step 4 class is the final step with us. Alongside the weekly lessons we offer specialist workshops on Audition coaching for Drama School and workshops geared towards a career in the industry. They attend weekly classes in Dance, Drama and Singing in equal amounts, each class being 55 minutes. They will also be offered the chance to perform every 2 years at our professional Theatre show. Step 4 are usually our soloists!  They also take part in two smaller performances at Christmas and Easter. They can also apply for our agency should they wish to.

Many go onto a career in the Performing Arts.  New friendships are formed and for many the classes are a welcome escape from the pressures of teenage life and GCSEs/A-levels.

Step 4: 4.30PM-7.25PM Fridays Woodley OR 10.05AM-1.00PM Saturdays OR 1.30PM-4.25PM Saturdays Wokingham
Step 4 Price: £322 a term of 12 weeks (3 terms a year)

Our Step 4 students love Step 4 so much that many also take classes in:

Beginners Tap: 10.00AM-10.25AM Saturdays Wokingham £112 a term.
Intermediate Tap: 09.25AM-10.00AM Saturdays Wokingham £112 a term.
Beginners Ballet: 10.30AM-11.00AM Saturdays Wokingham £112 a term. Intermediate Ballet: Coming soon!
Senior Ballet 7.40PM-8.30PM Thursdays Woodley £130 a term.
Private Singing lessons on Saturdays and Wednesdays (Aged 8yrs and above) - Speak to your Principal for availability.    
Senior Performance Troupe: 6.20PM-7.30PM Thursdays £135 a term
121 audition coaching for Drama and Dance College: Wednesdays speak to your Principal for availability.

*Senior Performance Troupe is invitation only and for students who show real potential.
*Payment options available after your first term for all classes.